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From Lavrio to Mykonos and Santorini - 06/10/2017

Sailing the Central Aegean for two weeks

Lavrio Port. Considering it's position, Lavrio is certainly the best departure port for sailing the central Aegean or the NE of Peloponesus.

Day 1. Lavrio - Sounion, 6 n.m.

Lavrio's aerial view

Lavrio's harbour

On saturday night port is quite noisy,  so we suggest to set sail towards cape Sounion for anchoring (around 6 nautical miles away)

Sounion's anchorage

Day 2. Sounion – Vourkari (Khea), 14 n.m.

The ruins of the Poseidon temple

We leave the anchorage to sail to Vourkari, in the NW of the island of Khea.


Vourkari, at NW of Khea

Day 3. Vourkari – Tinos, 43 n.m.


Today a long navigation, about 8 hours, to the city of Tinos, protected from the waves by the islands of Andros and Tinos.

Tinos harbour

Day 4. Tinos – Mykonos, 10 n.m.

Today we sail south, towards one of the symbols of the Aegean, the island of Mykonos.


Mykonos beach

Day 5. Mykonos – Syros, 18 n.m.

Ermuopoli, Syros and Cyclades capital

The huge mooring space at Ermuopoli

Day 6. Syros – Parikia (Paros), 24 n.m.

Parikia, at NW of Paros


Day 7. Parikia – Ios, 27 n.m.



Day 8. Ios – Santorini, 21 n.m.


Marina Vlychada, at S of Santorini

Day 9. Santorini – Milos, 60 n.m.

The impressive sea at Milos.

Milo's harbour

Day 10. Milos – Monemvasia, 68 n.m.



Day 11. Monemvasia – Kiparissi, 20 n.m.



Day 12. Kiparissi – Baltiza (Spetses), 21 n.m.

Baltiza, at NE of Spetses


Day 13. Spetses – Hydra, 16 n.m.

Hydra's harbour

Mandraki anchorage

Day 14. Hydra – Poros, 13 n.m.


Poros quay

Day 15. Poros – Lavrio, 37 n.m.