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Sailing the Migjorn coast - 12/07/2019

The wonders of Mallorca

Cala Molto

Moltó cove

The southern and eastern parts of the island of Mallorca, the so-called Migjorn, is one of the most beautiful places you can find in the Mediterranean. Ideal for a week of sailing, this part of the island lends itself to relaxation and enjoyment. Places like Es Trenc beach, Mondragó Natural Park, Cabrera Natural Park, the coves around Portocolom and, of course, the lesser known corners following the coast up to Cala Agulla offer images that will remain in the memory of all the seafarers.

Base port, Palma de Mallorca


We start from the port of Palma, which has a large charter fleet throughout its various marinas. The best thing is to organise supplies in advance, to set sail as soon as the boat is handed over. We suggest departing from a base port in the Bay of Palma on Saturday afternoon, to arrive at Es Trenc for a first night at free anchor, or to S'Estanyol or Sa Rápita, if you wish to dine at one of its fine restaurants.

Es Trenc beach

It is an immense sandy area in a practically unbuilt area. It offers a huge and totally safe anchoring area: you may anchor on sand wherever you like, on crystal water.

Es Trenc


On the following day you can reach Portocolom and visit Cala Mondragó, Cala Mitjana and/or Cala Arsanau. Portocolom offers the moorings of PortsIB, a Yacht Club with dock and buoys, as well as free anchoring. There is a variety of restaurants where you can savour delicious cuisine.


Mondragó cove

Llombards cove


Arsanau cove


On Monday we sail along the east coast of the island, touring some of its most beautiful and renowned coves, reaching the end of the coast at Cala Agulla, where we can spend the night at free anchor in one of the quietest spots of the island.


Agulla cove


On Tuesday, with favourable weather, you can sail back down, stopping at Cala Magraner or Cala Varques, to reach Porto Petro, where the Yacht Club has buoys for the night. There are good restaurants here too.

Mallorca´s cove

Porto Petro aerial view


On Wednesday it’s time to cross to the archipelago of Cabrera, where we will have previously reserved a buoy for the night. This is one of those places every sailor should see at least once in their lives. And with a good skipper you may get to admire some little known caves...


Aerial view of the Cabrera archipelago

Cabrera Port, viewed from the castle

Once moored to a buoy, we can go ashore by the small dock at the port of Cabrera. From there it is easy to visit the castle that overlooks the port and has magnificent views.


On Thursday afternoon, return to Mallorca to anchor off one of the beaches of Colonia de Saint Jordi, with crystal clear waters reminiscent of other latitudes.

Colonia de Sant Jordi

Colonia de Sant Jordi


And on Friday, before lunch, it's time to set out for the base port to arrive before 5:00 p.m.